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Announcing My Return

2011-11-03 14:13:29 by segaplaya

Due to business and disasters involving exploding laptops, for the past while ive taken a reluctant break from animating, but now that i have a new laptop and alot of free time. im happy to say I plan to return to animating. good to be back

the all sprites collab

2009-06-11 05:55:57 by segaplaya

hello newgrounds and all there users. i am currently organising the all sprites collab which is a collab made from any sprite game. ANY. ill be posti ng the release date soon. i would say the authors names here but alas i am on a college computer and do not have my list. but they will be credited with the submission, thanks.

its out

2009-04-06 11:20:29 by segaplaya

its out, after a whle year its friggin out, woooooot, banishemnt part 2 is out!!!!!!!!!!!

the good stuff is gone.

2009-04-01 15:28:51 by segaplaya

Whats going on, all the great and funny things have been blocked for some reason, example, mad mad mario, a winner of the week which i wanted to see is blocked. mostly all the stuff i watched is blocked. I dont like this one bit. newgrounds code was "everything by everyone", now its changed for the worst. i hope this changes.

The College Life

2008-11-26 04:01:47 by segaplaya

I have been at college for a while now, and this is my awesome class, the one with the glasses is me. College is great. Banishment Part 2 , coming soon,working on it non stop...when i can.

The College Life

back in business

2008-11-15 12:25:58 by segaplaya

now ive re formatted my pc i can now continue with my flash work, almost done.

Finding the balance

2008-09-16 06:12:40 by segaplaya

I must apologise to all newgrounds viewers wishing to see my work but as of late, i have been busy. I have a girlfirend, am now attending college and as such do not have as much time to work on flash. I believe for all great animators, they must find the balance. The way to balance doing all your stuff and flash in the time you have. For me i have to balance all 3. Not as easy as it sounds. For those waiting to see Banishment part 2 it will be coming soon as recently i have challeneged Milanous to a score race on our next project. Also hold onj to your hats as after banishment comes Dimensional Chaos. Hopefully by then i will have found my balance. Bye

more voice actors required again

2008-05-21 07:18:32 by segaplaya

Once again i am going to need more voice actors for more flashes. so here is the list and some audition lines, once the lines have been recorded send them to my msn adress along with ur name , newgrounds name and what position you are auditioning for, thanks

Knuckles: One serious bad ass, sometimes touchy, isnt to fond of tails, would kill for rouge, good friends with sonic.
Audition: Another day guarding the emerald . ok metal head, lets rumble. ugh..hi rouge how you doin?

Tails: A young genius, a bit depressed over the loss of cosmo.
Audition: Alright sonic! . Ok eggman lets do it. Cosmo...i miss you so much. Sonic get out of my way!

Cream: A very young girl, very cute and innocent, wants the best for tails.
Audition: Nice to see you again Mr.Sonic. Mom im just going out for a walk, cya. Why? why did he have to fight?

Rouge: A bit of a tomboy , loves jewels , has recently lived on angel island
Audition: Hows our big emerald doing today? . Ok sugar lets dance. shadow! i wont let you go!

Tikal: An inhabitant of the master emerald, a guide to sonic and the gang
Audition: I sense a great eveil aproaching. Its time. Chaos, we must help them.

Mario: An italion man who can jump high into the air and has a habit of saving princesses and killin turtles.
Audition: Its-a me Mario, Okie dokie guys lets-a rumble, Sonic what the fuck man you spilt my pasta you fucking blue spiky fuck. Yes its-a mario time.

Later there will be more and more audition places for more characters like Naruto, Phoenix Wright and many many more

more voice actors required again

The End of Days

2008-05-09 12:29:32 by segaplaya

Accoridng to the prophit Nostradamus, a man who lived a very very long time ago, in the year 2012 near christmas , something big will happen on earth. It could be the discovery of aliens, a new universe or even the end of our own world itself. Nostradamus did predict things such as Hitler and the twin towers (according to scientists anyway). The dates he predicted however were slightly off, so we may not see this in 2012, but soon. maybe. I am posting this because recently in my hometown there has been alot of talk of this. A rumor was heard about what the government had to say of this. The world has technology that can send humans to space if worse comes to worse, but someone (i dont know who)
said that they would rather have new york destroyed before they reveal that technology. I am unsure if any of this is real or not, but somehow it can never leave my mind. I am posting this not to scare you but to inform you, but the question of 2012 in my eyes will be: "who do we trust? Nostradamus or our Government?". Please comment with your thoughts

The End of Days


2008-04-11 17:30:54 by segaplaya

IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!