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The End of Days

2008-05-09 12:29:32 by segaplaya

Accoridng to the prophit Nostradamus, a man who lived a very very long time ago, in the year 2012 near christmas , something big will happen on earth. It could be the discovery of aliens, a new universe or even the end of our own world itself. Nostradamus did predict things such as Hitler and the twin towers (according to scientists anyway). The dates he predicted however were slightly off, so we may not see this in 2012, but soon. maybe. I am posting this because recently in my hometown there has been alot of talk of this. A rumor was heard about what the government had to say of this. The world has technology that can send humans to space if worse comes to worse, but someone (i dont know who)
said that they would rather have new york destroyed before they reveal that technology. I am unsure if any of this is real or not, but somehow it can never leave my mind. I am posting this not to scare you but to inform you, but the question of 2012 in my eyes will be: "who do we trust? Nostradamus or our Government?". Please comment with your thoughts

The End of Days


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2008-05-19 00:26:08

It depends if you believe in visions, so I side with the prophet in this conflict/question, by 65%:35%, and thanks for the suggestions