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Finding the balance

2008-09-16 06:12:40 by segaplaya

I must apologise to all newgrounds viewers wishing to see my work but as of late, i have been busy. I have a girlfirend, am now attending college and as such do not have as much time to work on flash. I believe for all great animators, they must find the balance. The way to balance doing all your stuff and flash in the time you have. For me i have to balance all 3. Not as easy as it sounds. For those waiting to see Banishment part 2 it will be coming soon as recently i have challeneged Milanous to a score race on our next project. Also hold onj to your hats as after banishment comes Dimensional Chaos. Hopefully by then i will have found my balance. Bye


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2008-10-31 20:07:12

yea, if i had a buck 4 every time i went down that road.
this would b a good time 2 tell u that i havent sent the voice demo yet 4 the same reason but dont worry i'll give it 2 u as soon as i can

segaplaya responds:

no prob, btw only 2 more scenes and its done :D


2008-11-06 15:52:52

I understand how you feel man but best of luck on everything ^^