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more voice actors required again

2008-05-21 07:18:32 by segaplaya

Once again i am going to need more voice actors for more flashes. so here is the list and some audition lines, once the lines have been recorded send them to my msn adress along with ur name , newgrounds name and what position you are auditioning for, thanks

Knuckles: One serious bad ass, sometimes touchy, isnt to fond of tails, would kill for rouge, good friends with sonic.
Audition: Another day guarding the emerald . ok metal head, lets rumble. ugh..hi rouge how you doin?

Tails: A young genius, a bit depressed over the loss of cosmo.
Audition: Alright sonic! . Ok eggman lets do it. Cosmo...i miss you so much. Sonic get out of my way!

Cream: A very young girl, very cute and innocent, wants the best for tails.
Audition: Nice to see you again Mr.Sonic. Mom im just going out for a walk, cya. Why? why did he have to fight?

Rouge: A bit of a tomboy , loves jewels , has recently lived on angel island
Audition: Hows our big emerald doing today? . Ok sugar lets dance. shadow! i wont let you go!

Tikal: An inhabitant of the master emerald, a guide to sonic and the gang
Audition: I sense a great eveil aproaching. Its time. Chaos, we must help them.

Mario: An italion man who can jump high into the air and has a habit of saving princesses and killin turtles.
Audition: Its-a me Mario, Okie dokie guys lets-a rumble, Sonic what the fuck man you spilt my pasta you fucking blue spiky fuck. Yes its-a mario time.

Later there will be more and more audition places for more characters like Naruto, Phoenix Wright and many many more

more voice actors required again


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2008-05-21 21:26:33

That opening has some Naruto-like parts and I never seen Full Metal Alchemist, to tell the truth.


2008-05-22 12:56:50

idk if i can do it i know i can i know the shows its just that idk if u want me


2008-05-23 22:12:00

i can do really good voice impretions on sonic characters even the girls however ur probably not gonna like this: i can only do the sonic x voices


2008-05-27 18:37:25

You know my ring modulators always on the table and you know my voice, when you can throw something my way i'll see what i can do


2008-06-10 22:53:11

well ima ok voice actor but i dont think my microphone is good anough to do a voice clip without a fuzzy sounding backround.

segaplaya responds:

if youve heard my voice acting in banishment then you will hear the annoying fuzzy background, i deal with it


2008-06-13 21:31:42

i agree but stilll that new one was great


2008-06-15 14:25:26

Dude finish banishment!!
i realy liked it, maybe it was not perfectly animated but the story ROCKS!


2008-06-18 07:11:23

hey give me a part but all i can do is type it out though so send me the lines and i will type the subtitles for u


2008-07-09 22:21:15

wait i didnt see mario up there. i can do him


2008-07-26 21:08:14

HO-LY PISS i gotta get a mic


2008-07-27 14:09:49



2008-08-13 20:10:38

also are these gonna be on the same storyline as sd and banishment? or no

segaplaya responds:

yep, all my flashes are gonna be connected. until i say so.