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the good stuff is gone.

2009-04-01 15:28:51 by segaplaya

Whats going on, all the great and funny things have been blocked for some reason, example, mad mad mario, a winner of the week which i wanted to see is blocked. mostly all the stuff i watched is blocked. I dont like this one bit. newgrounds code was "everything by everyone", now its changed for the worst. i hope this changes.


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2009-04-01 15:30:48

viva la resistance! /489379


2009-04-01 15:31:46

Oh no no no it wont change because this has become completely communism. yeah that's right i said. it its become a communist site. i refuse this stuff down my throat. i agree with you my friend all the funny and good stuff has gone and its complete crap!


2009-12-04 07:04:10

tis april the first