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Sonics downfall 5

2008-03-28 14:01:12 by segaplaya

Im sorry to say but sonics downfall 5 will take slighlt longer than expected, due to loss, work, romance and time: my time on flash hasbeen shortened, sorry to disapoint, it will arrive but please be patient

Sonics downfall 5

voice actors

2008-02-01 13:04:46 by segaplaya

will need voice actors soon, the cast list is
Vivi - taken
Sonic T hedgehog - taken
Mario - taken
Kirby - taken
Spawn - Taken
Monkey D Luffy - taken
Randoms - need, alot
King DeeDeeDee - taken
Eggman - taken
Shadow T Hedgehog - taken
Bowser - taken
Redemmer (spawns bad-guy) - taken
an evil voice for my character Eclipse - taken

i might use voices,i might not but for those who wish to contribute send a voice clip of you imitiating the character you want be and well see, send to and your newgrounds name and the character your imitiating. For randoms you will need your ordinary voices and could be male or female.

voices i will need for later are :

Amy - need - really sweet and caring, very romantic , audtion line(s) : Sonic i love you, could you!, no...NO Sonic cant die!
Rouge - need - sassy, kind of a tease to knuckles, Audition lines: My bad bad angel put the devil in me , Knuckles cmon lets play, Shadow youve got some nerve. Knuckles pleas dont die on me, please.
Cream - need - young very young , sweet and innocent, audition lines: Nice to see you miss Sonic. Tails dont do it, all i want is for you to be happy
Tikal - need - Though old , has a young gentle voice, very wise, Audition lines: Knuckles we hve a job to do, hmhmhm how nice to meet you Vivi.
Tails - need - Young, energetic, at times sad. Audition lines: Okay Sonic Let's go, Cosmo i miss you so much... , Sonic i wont let you gt in my way!
Knuckles - need - very deep voice, very noble but easily annoyed, doesnt get laid much...meh, audition lines: *sigh* i know i say this alot but god im bore...who am i talking to? AGH im losng it , Rouge. your looking uh , nice today, Metal ill break every ire in your casing you asshole
Metal Sonic - need (remember he is a robot) - very obediant but when turned the wrong way can get very pissed of- audition line(s): As you command lord Eggman , Grr i'll get you for that you speedy blue bastard, kiss my blue plated ass!

voice actors

how much

2008-01-27 08:03:43 by segaplaya

how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck was chuck norris

how much

amy and sonic

2008-01-26 12:03:24 by segaplaya

hey hey i finnaly made my newest pic, its good, also need some advice, do you think amy and sonic should get married or not?