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its out

2009-04-06 11:20:29 by segaplaya

its out, after a whle year its friggin out, woooooot, banishemnt part 2 is out!!!!!!!!!!!


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2009-04-07 22:38:30

its awsome


2009-04-08 07:31:05

Do what i did PM everyone who likes your series you could have the best product in the world if no one knows it's there, there not gonna see it

A bit of Buisness advice from your old friend


2009-04-09 13:28:51

It was.....AWESOME....and err COOl...AMAZING...FANFUNATASTIC...I'll stop that now :)


2009-04-18 20:41:58

I just watched it and I have to say that it was AWSOME.You have got to PM me when the 3rd part is out.


2009-04-27 02:44:32

Hey, Scotland? Im in Fife, whereabout you?

segaplaya responds:

Im in fife too, awesome


2009-05-15 14:49:47

Excellent job. I was entertained the entire time and the story is interesting